iZettle at DroidCon

The US is such an easy going place. You constantly say “Excuse me”, get addressed as Sir and watch everyone drive at the speed limit. We loved getting hit by the special smells the malls had (like dried flowers), getting the feel of the fake wooden panels covering our hotel room walls and the plastic, bone white, lighting switches.

Apart from the elevator music greeting, the wall-to-wall carpet, king sized bed which could fit 8 pugs and us, we also went to the DroidCon NYC 2016.

This US Android Conference was easy going with a somewhat limited set of topics, both in the highs and lows regarding content. The conference was also a mix of experienced speakers and new ones. Stars like Jake Wharton, Chris Banes, Nick Butcher our in-house guru Erik Hellman was there. But this was a year were the female speakers really excelled.

Two sessions really stood out, the Kotlin session and the session on Espresso Testing with Pictures. These two alone were worth the trip. And we also went to see our own in-house android star Hellman talk about Concurrency, Kittens and Icebergs which was super good and meaty.

After a great keynote by Kelly Shuster talking about accessibility, we had several other female speakers who really outshone most of the men in getting the audience engaged. Lisa Wray held a fast paced talk about the Recycler View, GDE (Google Developer Expert) Corely Latislaw spoke about emerging markets and Christina Lee from Pinterest managed to get the whole audience to want to start using Kotlin in Production. We’re excited give it a whirl.

The real takeaway from going to conferences like these is getting to bond with those you travel with, talk about those problems at work you don’t really address at work. You get to see and mingle with your peers from other countries.

You also get to drink beer and eat stuff. And the US is such an easy going place.

Fredrik Angrimer, Vincent & Vicente, Joakim Engström signing off.

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