Dubai Hack Away Week

As you may know the Swedish weather is not always great. A couple of weeks ago we decided to arrange what we call a hack away week. That’s a week where whoever wants to, from the tech department, is able to go abroad together and have a workation (work and vacation, get it?). This time Dubai was the destination, previous destinations have included Portugal and Spain. Just to not set any unrealistic expectations, this trip is being paid for by those who go on the hack away week and not iZettle. On the plus side, this week counts as working days, so you don’t need to use up any of your vacation time.

We found a great two bedroom apartment on Airbnb, booked it and then we were on our way. The apartment was located in the second highest building in Dubai, the Princess Tower of 413 meters, and we stayed almost in the top. The apartment had a great balcony where we did most of our work.


The view was spectacular as you can see on the pictures below.



The infrastructure at iZettle is built in such a way that working remote is very simple. It’s been an active decision all along that it should be possible to work remotely and have it just as good as those being in the office.

Having a hack away week is a great way to get to know your colleagues better, to dive into a specific area if you want to or just to get a change of scenery. It also gives us an opportunity to test that our infrastructure still allows for a remote working environment.

In conclusion the trip has been a great success both regarding number of hours spent in the sun, but also regarding knowledge transfer between colleagues and outstanding team building opportunity. Coming from different parts of the tech organisation there were a lot of discussion of how things worked within each domain, pros and cons of current solutions and a bunch ideas for how to improve them.

We’re already starting to gather ideas of where to go this fall. Join us on the next trip, we are hiring!

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